Why do I need a Financial
Management Company?

Ever wonder why the rich stay rich, and their wealth grows from generation to generation? It isn’t just luck or good fortune! The rich use personal financial managers to organize, budget, and manage their assets. The result is that they live well while their wealth grows.

How Can Financial
Management Services Help?

It is amazing how many people in America have good jobs, but live only a paycheck away from financial disaster. It would be great if we could all double our income, but that is not reality. What you can do, however, is make your income work harder for you.

Moving forward with the times and maintaining long-standing principles are not mutually exclusive.
In the midst of change, there is a need for some things that remain constant. Now more than ever,
our clients need a strong foundation to rely on as their financial affairs become more complex.

That is why O Turner & CO has never abandoned the main principles of service, expertise and integrity
that have guided us for more that 30 yrs. For more than three decades, clients have trusted us to bring
them industry-leading, forward-thinking ideas and solutions backed by the highest of standard. This allows them to enjoy their most precious asset-peace of mind.

Our Activities Are Divided Into Three Segments

Personal Financial Management: We provide a broad range of personal financial management services
to a diverse group of corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and individuals.

Full Accounting, Budgeting, Tax Planning & Preparation: We facilitate client accounting and tax preparation with a diverse group of Certified Public Accountants and technical bookkeeping professionals. Our staff is dedicated to providing tax advice and unrivaled planning. We provide these services to corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and individuals. In connections with our strategic partners like ADP, we are able to provide the absolute best in payroll processing.

Insurance & Financial Services Consultation: We provide investment consultation and financial planning services. And with our strategic alliance with Atlanta Life and Jackson Securities they offer investment products ( primarily through separately managed accounts and vehicles, such as mutual funds and private investments across all major asset a classes to a diverse group of institutions and individuals worldwide) and provide prime brokerage services, financing services and securities lending services to institutional clients, including mutual funds, pension funds and foundations, and to individuals worldwide.