Why do I need a Financial
Management Company?

Ever wonder why the rich stay rich, and their wealth grows from generation to generation? It isn’t just luck or good fortune! The rich use personal financial managers to organize, budget, and manage their assets. The result is that they live well while their wealth grows.

How Can Financial
Management Services Help?

It is amazing how many people in America have good jobs, but live only a paycheck away from financial disaster. It would be great if we could all double our income, but that is not reality. What you can do, however, is make your income work harder for you.

To achieve your financial objectives, you need a partner you can trust. Our clients’ trust helped us become a global leader in personal financial management, full accounting services, wealth management and credit restoration. O Turner & Company, LLC offers you exceptional service backed by innovative technology and the latest economic research from our industry-renowned experts. For more than three decades, our clients have relied on us for service, expertise and integrity.

As markets have grown more fast-paced and complex, we have continued to establish new offices and develop new products and services to meet our clients’ needs.

The following is a list of services we offer:

Quarterly Personal Financial Management Payroll Services
Bill Pay Information Technology Services
Debt Settlement Corporation Setup
Credit Consolidation Corporation Minutes
Credit Restoration Business Plans
Bookkeeping & Accounting Loan Packages
Business & Personal Tax Preparation Legal Forms
Insurance & Financial Services Consultation